Stina Johansson
Founder, designer

BA (Hons), Graphic Design
MA Design, Communication Design

I am a Swedish citizen with a mixed bag of overseas training and eclectic collection of work experience. For instance; I did my BA in a tiny northern city of the UK while doing a design internship in New York City. I built websites for mechanics and pet shops while doing my Master’s degree at Swinburne. I have interviewed hepatitis C positive inmates, conducted research surveys in rural towns and given lectures to motivate aspiring, young designers.

If I’ve learnt anything about design in the last decade, it’s that design should always aim to invite. Design is the language spoken between your amazing idea and the audience that you want to reach. You don’t want to piss them off by sending confusing messages or pretend to be something that you’re not. The consequences of bad communication can be costly. This is why I think designers are important in this world.

As a graphic designer, I promise you that I am more skilled than your teenage nephew who knows Photoshop. I will charge more of course, but you will also walk away with a legit product. I will approach your project the same way I always do; with a mix of inquisitiveness, excitement and practical thinking. You’ll be the judge of the outcome, but nothing makes me happier than seeing a truly stoked client, so we’re sort of in this together.

On a personal note, I find inspiration in nature or visiting a new country. It is therefore not uncommon to see me hiking through the wilderness, jumping into rock pools or initiating conversation with the locals in a market somewhere. My favourite destinations include Morocco, O’ahu and Ubud.


Safi Kissen
Studio kitt’n

Safi is a professional laptop warmer and ever so reliable alarm clock, making sure her Ma never sleeps in. She’s currently training for the Olympics in Leaf Catching and has a special interest in bouncy toys. What she brings to the studio is an eye for detail, a heart full of empathy and an infectious appetite for play and exploration.