What She Makes

Awareness campaign, report, school resources and various collateral

The women who make our clothes do not make enough to live on – keeping them in poverty. Despite long hours away from their families, working full time plus many hours of overtime, big clothing brands do not pay garment workers enough money to cover the basics of life – food and decent shelter.

Right now, big brands are part of a system that pays poverty wages. In Bangladesh, for example, in 2018 garment workers were paid as little as 39 cents an hour. In Vietnam, it’s 64 cents per hour. It’s just not enough to live on.

It is now time for brands to publicly commit to paying living wages. Brands must develop credible, transparent, time-bound plans to map out how they will achieve this goal. Oxfam’s What She Makes campaign demands big clothing brands pay the women who make our clothes a living wage. Together, with voices from the general public demanding action, and Oxfam’s direct engagement with brands, we urge clothing companies to take the crucial next step in creating a fairer fashion industry.

The campaign to bring awareness to this issue has involved letter writing to brand CEOs, exhibitions, in-store actions and activism, educational resources and activities for high school students, among other things.

Photos by Keith Parsons, Geoff Bartlett, Fabeha Monir, Do Manh Cuong, GMB Akash/Panos/OxfamAUS, Stina Johansson
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